Soon, I will disappear. (friend_in_need) wrote,
Soon, I will disappear.

If you think that you're strong enough.

It really, honestly hurts not to write.

A love lost. So many loves gained. A love lost. So many more unwanted loves gained. Try not to toy with their hearts and do nothing but. Hurt and kill. Look in the wrong places. Hurt and kill. Yourself. Everyone else. Find something worth everything. Infinitely fuck it up. Try so hard. Infinitely fuck it up. Horrible friend. Horrible daughter. Try harder. Work. Study. Try harder. A love lost. Hurt and kill. Fuck it up. Fuck it up. Fuck it up. Fuck it up. Fuck it up. Fuckitup. Fuckitup. Fuckitupfuckitupfuckitupfuckitupfuckitupfuckitupfuckitup.
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I so there with ya.