Soon, I will disappear. (friend_in_need) wrote,
Soon, I will disappear.


I can't write. I want to but I really hesitate to bring myself to do it. I'm scared of what will spew out. There are so many things tornadoing around in here. Though I should probably deal sooner rather than later, especially with the inevitable frozen tundra just around the corner. But why not just repress? Ignore. Repress. Explode? Implode.

Not really so secret secrets.
Cats everywhere.
Ghetto beer pong.
A lake in the trunk of my car.
Chronic pain.
A brand spanking new broken toe.
Love affairs.
Food--the noise band.
Empty savings account.
Shitty job.
Constant failure.
New friends.
Old friends.
Red friends.
Blue friends.
Daily struggle.
Dirty dishes.
Dirty mind.
Clothes strewn about.
Thoughts lost in translation.
Fear of feeling.

I dunno. Be more vague.
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