Soon, I will disappear. (friend_in_need) wrote,
Soon, I will disappear.


This is how I feel right now. Like life is really pointless. Life is whatever we make it out to be. And most of us choose to make it ugly and meaningless and angry and hurtful. Why? Why is it so much easier to be miserable than to be happy. To focus on global warming and the cost of a gallon of fucking gasoline for a stupid car to take us to a stupid job that we don’t even make enough money at to go see the beautiful things in the world. Like the Grand Canyon. Or the shores of Hawaii. Or the Arches in Utah. Or the Gulf of Mexico. Or any of the beautiful things on all the other continents that I will never see. Why is it so much easier to focus on how much your back hurts than how great it feels to go for a mile run or a hike through a nature trail. Why is it so easy to focus on all the wrong in a relationship with someone than all the great things you make together. Beautiful memories, fun, love, sometimes even breeders have amazing little beings that embody all that is right in the world. A new chance not to make it all suck. BECAUSE NONE OF IT REALLY MATTERS ANYWAY. MIGHT AS WELL ENJOY IT AND BE WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE REGARDLESS OF ALL THE OTHER BULLSHIT.
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